majordomo - check majordomo configuration before accepting mail


This module reads the majordomo configuration for recipients marked as majordomo lists and does some checks before accepting the mail.

Currently the only check implemented is ``restrict_post'': If this option is set for the mailing-list, mails from senders which aren't on the lists are rejected.


This plugin is designed to work together with the aliases plugin. Set the recpient option majordomo_list in the aliases file: (majordomo_list=/var/lib/majordomo/mylist)

The following parameters are recognized

check_envelope <bool>
If this is set, the envelope sender is checked. This is easy, but some people don't like it (Hi, Waldi!). (Default: 1)

check_header <bool>
If this is set the From: header of the mail is checked. This is the way majordomo does it and hence less surprising to your users. It is more expensive, though and needs the cf_wrapper plugin to work. (Default: 0)

It is possible to combine both.


rcpt: check_envelope

The check_envelope method performs the checks described above on the envelope sender.

rcpt: save_list

The save_list method saves the list information in a note so that check_header can get at it later.

data_post: check_header

The check_header method performs the checks described above on the From: header.


The address comparison is case insensitive, which isn't really correct.


Implement alternate checks on the message (e.g., PGP signature). In fact we could replace the whole from majordomo with this.


Peter J. Holzer <>