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E-Mail Related RFCs and I-Ds

RFC 5598: Internet Mail Architecture
Over its thirty-five-year history, Internet Mail has changed significantly in scale and complexity, as it has become a global infrastructure service. These changes have been evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, reflecting a strong desire to preserve both its installed base and its usefulness. To collaborate productively on this large and complex system, all participants need to work from a common view of it and use a common language to describe its components and the interactions among them. But the many differences in perspective currently make it difficult to know exactly what another participant means. To serve as the necessary common frame of reference, this document describes the enhanced Internet Mail architecture, reflecting the current service.
draft-ietf-emailcore-as-06: Applicability Statement for IETF Core Email Protocols
Electronic mail is one of the oldest Internet applications that is still in very active use. While the basic protocols and formats for mail transport and message formats have evolved slowly over the years, events and thinking in more recent years have supplemented those core protocols with additional features and suggestions for their use. This Applicability Statement describes the relationship among many of those protocols and provides guidance and makes recommendations for the use of features of the core protocols.
draft-ietf-emailcore-rfc5321bis-14: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
This document is a specification of the basic protocol for Internet electronic mail transport. It (including text carried forward from RFC 5321) consolidates, updates, and clarifies several previous documents, making all or parts of most of them obsolete. It covers the SMTP extension mechanisms and best practices for the contemporary Internet, but does not provide details about particular extensions. The document also provides information about use of SMTP for other than strict mail transport and delivery. This document replaces RFC 5321, the earlier version with the same title.
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