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Assortion of Needful Things

A little library of small C functions which I needed often enough that I decided to stick them in a library.

To install this you will need to link one of the Config.* files to Config or create a new one. You will also need GNU make. This isn't quite the "./configure; make" setup you might be used to, but I didn't really plan to release this (but you need it for the ppmbutton program).

Version 0.3 adds base64 functions and getpeerfqdn as well as some bug fixes.

Version 0.2 includes GNU getopt (thanks to Kai Garlipp) and a workaround for a problem with assert in Linux libraries. It has been compiled on Linux (RedHat 4.1), HP-UX 10.10 (with HP's ANSI C compiler), Solaris 2.5 (with gcc) and OSF/1 2.1 (with gcc).