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syssched(1)                                           syssched(1)

       syssched - Generate schedule for Sysprog Groups

       syssched [ -w <number> ] randseed file

       syssched  generates  a  schedule for the sysprog course. A
       heuristic search algorithm is used to find  a  good  solu-
       tion.   A  flood  algorithm  is  used  for the search. The
       heuristic parameters are highly tuned to  achieve  a  good
       solution.  The first implementation did'nt even find solu-
       tions of the quality achievable by hand. This is the  rea-
       son  why  only  one  of the heuristic parameters, the wish
       rewardstep   is   runtime   selectable.   This   parameter
       selectable  with the -w option specifies in what steps the
       reward for students in wishgroups increases.  The  default
       for  this  parameter is 0, i.e. no special reward is given
       if a student is in his number one wish  group  or  in  his
       number three wish group. This is normally the best setting
       because we want as many students in their wish  groups  as
       possible. If this parameter is set higher, a higher reward
       is offered depending on the wish list.  If set  to  5  for
       example  the  reward  of  the number one wish is 10 points
       higher than the reward for the number three wish. The max-
       imum number that can be given with the -w switch is 10.

       The  randseed value is used to seed the random number gen-
       erator for the heuristic search algorith. It should  be  a
       number  between  0  and  MAXINT.   The file is the student
       input data generated by anm2sched.

       The syssched program produces an output file. It is called
       studliste  and  contains  the  list of students with their
       group number in the form needed by spor2.  Note  that  the
       list  is  not  sorted but spor2 requires a sorted list and
       produces no error messages if the list is not sorted.  The
       list has to be sorted before importing it with spor2.

       On  standard  output  the actual group allocation is given
       together with the number of students in each group and the
       number  of  students  given  their first, second and third
       wish group. We expect this program to be run with standard
       output redirected to a file and run several times, perhaps
       on several machines to find an acceptable  solution  in  a
       short  time.  A  script to start the program several times
       with different random seed values is given below.  If  run
       on  different  machines,  the  different programs must not
       operate in the same directory because of the name  of  the
       output  file  name. Also each machine should be assigned a
       different range of random seed values in this case.

       Example Script: #!/bin/sh i=0 while [ $i -lt 100 ] do
           i=`expr $i + 1`

                          10th Oct 1994                         1

syssched(1)                                           syssched(1)

           (/bin/time syssched $i ws94.dat 2>&1) > 94sc.$i
           mv studliste studl.$i done

       The example script also records timing information of  the
       scheduler  run.   For  a  perl script to produce a summary
       with maximum, minimum, and average scores as well as  num-
       ber  of  students  given  one of their wish groups and the
       execution time information see sysreport(1). Data of  for-
       mer   semesters   for   a   test   run  can  be  found  in
       /quasi/local/src/syssched/examples. The ws94.dat file  was
       produced with anm2sched.

       A  good  solution  is  not  found on every invocation with
       every random seed.  Sometimes even groups with  one,  two,
       or more than 31 students are produced. This is not a prob-
       lem of the heuristics  but  a  problem  of  the  heuristic
       search  algorith  used.  The program should be run several
       times with different random seeds and  the  best  solution
       found should be used.

       The  student list may not be directly imported into spor2,
       it must be sorted first.  This  is  considered  a  bug  of

       The  default  output file name for the list of students is
       studliste and cannot be changed.

       sysreport(1), anm2sched(1), Gunter Dueck,  Tobias  Scheuer
       and Hans-Martin Wallmeier, "Toleranzschwelle und Sintflut:
       neue Ideen zur  Optimierung",  Spektrum  der  Wissenschaft
       3/1993 pp. 42-51.

       Peter Holzer (prototype version), Ralf Schlatterbeck

                          10th Oct 1994                         2