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xssd allows execution of commands as another user similar to sudo or setuid bits. Unlike sudo, however, it is intended to be extremely simple and therefore easy to verify for correctness. Unlike setuid bits, it logs each invocation to syslog, filters environment variables and is more flexible in granting access to different users.

Source-Code and History

2016-03-26 Converted the repository from CVS to git and mirrored it on github
2003-11-06 xssd-0.9.tar.gz 6.1k Some fixes for building on HP-UX
2003-08-03 xssd-0.8-2.tar.gz 5.1k
  • Made sure stdin, stdout and stderr are open (Linux and BSD do this automatically, but other Unixes don't, and some programs may be exploited by causing them to open FD 2 for some other purpose than error messages).
  • Allow building of RPMs for non-privileged users.
  • Added -q option.
2002-01-27 xssd-0.5.tar.gz 5.2k Security fix! Version 0.4 contained an extremely embarrassing bug. :-(
2002-01-23 xssd-0.4.tar.gz 4.9k First public release. Unlike the previous release, this one does complain about unknown directives in the config file.

Binary distributions

Binary distributions are available in my apt and yum repositorys.

For Debian-derived distributions, add

deb https://www.hjp.at/apt/debian/ jessie xssd

to your apt configuration and add my PGP key.

For yum, you need an entry like this:

name = hjp's stuff
baseurl = https://www.hjp.at/yum/redhat/es6/x86_64/

vim: sw=2