qpsmtpd - Configuration

This page contains a few example configurations

Using my aliases plugin together with denysoft_greylist (with my patches) and rcpt_ok

# this plugin initializes the note "recipient_options" and therefore
# has to run before all other "rcpt" plugins which access this note.

denysoft_greylist remote_ip 1 sender 1 recipient 1 black_timeout 900 grey_timeout 32400 per_recipient 

# this plugin must run after all other "rcpt" plugins. It will simply
# allow all recipients.

This will call the aliases module first to determine if the recipient exists at all and to set per-recipient options. Then greylisting will be done but only if the recipient requested it. Finally the recipient will be accepted if none of the previous modules has rejected it. Note that this implements a "everything allowed unless forbidden" policy.

An entry in the aliases file could look like this

hjp,peter.holzer @wsr.ac.at, wifo.ac.at, wifo.at :hjp@asherah.wsr.ac.at (denysoft_greylist)

This accepts mail for all combinations of the local parts hjp and peter.holzer with the domains wsr.ac.at, wifo.ac.at and wifo.at, passes it on to hjp@asherah.wsr.ac.at and sets the denysoft_greylist recipient_option (which is checked by my version of the denysoft_greylist plugin.

Some MTAs have strange or broken configurations and cannot reliably send mail to MTAs using greylisting. Here is an example var/db/denysoft_whitelist (yes, I know, the filename is a bit stupid):		# our own servers (g.l. would be pointless)           # chello         # yahoogroups        # t-online.at        # t-online.at           # tekaef.at          # oesb.at (Novell GroupWise)            # Zidcluster1.edvz.uni-linz.ac.at          # long queue intervall (12h?)